Beer with a Painter: Carrie Moyer with Jennifer Samet, Hyperallergic, online. February 20, 2016

 Interview: Carrie Moyer in Long Island City with Robb Kaiser-Schatzlein, Two Coats of Paint, online. February 28, 2016

Carrie Moyer: Interview with Astri Von Arbin Ahlander, The Days of Yore, April 9, 2012

In Conversation: Carrie Moyer with Phong Bui, The Brooklyn Rail, September 2011

In her New York City Studio, Carrie Moyer talks about pivotal events in her life that brought her to painting, and the influence history has had in her work. For the past two decades, Carrie Moyer's paintings have boldly merged political imagery, abstraction, and unapologetic visual pleasure.
Alumna artist Carrie Moyer-recently featured in Art in America-prepares for her first solo museum exhibition at the Worcester Art Museum.

GORKY'S GRANDDAUGHTER interviews Carrie Moyer about her work. CANADA Gallery, September 2011